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Tula Free to Grow baby carrier: Discover


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Tula Free to Grow baby carrier: Discover

Tula Discover was inspired by the early awestruck moments your little one has and their ability to imagine far off lands in the stars. Discover has a solid black background dotted by subtle and beautiful gray stars. With neutral colors and dreams of far away adventures, Discover is a print that will be loved more and more as it grows with your little one.

Tula are known for producing baby carriers that are simple to use, comfortable, safe, and ergonomic, allowing you to carry your child close for as long as you need. Many people who want just one carrier from birth through to toddlerhood and beyond choose the Tula.

The Tula Free to Grow baby carrier is the first carrier Tula has produced that grows with your baby by being adjustable in height and width.

The Free to Grow carrier is brand new as at April 2017 but it already has the babywearing community super excited.

  • Carry from birth to 20kg: The Tula Free to Grow carrier can be used from birth (7 pounds) to 20kg without the need for an infant insert. For most children this means you can comfortably carry them until at least 4-5 years old.
  • Toddler size option: The toddler Tula is an optional size for toddlers which can be used from 11.3kg (25 pounds) to 27.2kg (60 pounds) usually this is from around 18 months of age onwards (more on this in the sizing section)
  • Front and back carry positions: Carry your child on your front (facing in) or on your back
  • Ergonomic seat: Tula baby carriers provide an ergonomic seat with optimal support for the baby’s hips and spine
  • Sleeping hood: Each Tula comes with a removable hood to support baby’s head while asleep, to protect from weather and to allow for comfortable breastfeeding
  • Pockets: Easily accessible large pocket located on the waistbelt
  • Comes with an instruction brochure
  • Easy, simple, and quick to put on for families on the go



Everything you need to know about Tula sizing

Here are our recommendations on what you’ll need based on your baby’s age

  • Babies aged from birth (3.2kg) to around 6.8kg (15 pounds):
    • Baby/Standard Tula, and
    • Tula infant insert.  
  • Babies between 6.8 kg (15 pounds) to around 18 months of age:
    • Baby/standard Tula*

The baby Tula still carries up to 20kg (and can still carry a 4-5 year old within the weight limit)

*Please note the Tula insert is still sometimes required up until around 4-5 months of age depending on the height of the baby as they need to be tall enough to sit comfortably in the seat of the carrier without the fabric coming past their knees, and to allow their knees to hang at a right angle.

  • Toddlers from 18 months of age and 82cm tall (32 inches) or taller
    • Toddler Tula (if you don’t have any younger children you want to share the Tula with, otherwise the baby size still carries up to 20kg)


The difference between the Baby Tula and Toddler Tula Carrier is the height and width of the main panel.  Please see ‘Tula dimensions’ below if you’d like more information about precise measurements.

Tula baby carriers are completely adjustable and suit most wearers and people of all shapes and sizes absolutely rave about how comfortable they are.  

Petite wearers love the perfect fit adjusters that enable them to tighten the shoulder straps really tight, and larger wearers love being able to extend the adjusters out so they have more padding across their back.


Waistbelt: The waistbelt shortens to 68cm of padding with an additional 76cm of webbing which expands out to a total length of a 145cm long waistbelt.

Shoulder straps, Baby Tula: The padded part of the baby tula shoulder strap when not extended is 51cm and 58.4cm when expanded.  The webbing extends the strap a further 74cm.  

Shoulder straps, Toddler Tula: The padded part of the Toddler Tula shoulder strap when not extended is 46cm and 53cm when expanded.  The webbing extends the strap a further 74cm.  

Please note all are Tula’s are handcrafted and may have slight variations in size


  • Height 39.3cm (15.5”) tall
  • Width 38cm (15”) wide at the bottom, 43.18cm (17”) wide at the top
  • Carrier weight 0.91kg (2lbs)
  • Weight tested to 20.41kg (45lbs)



  • Height 44.45cm (17.5”) tall
  • Width 46.99cm (18.5”) wide at the seat, and 50.8cm (20”) wide at the top,
  • Carrier weight 0.91kg (2lbs)
  • Weight tested to: 27.22kg (60 pounds)

If your partner is reading and you want to convince them to get two Tula’s (one in each size) then YES. Yes you do. Buy all the carriers! Stop your partners from reading further. Are they gone? Ok here’s the real answer:
No you don’t need to buy one in each size. The baby/standard size Tula can be used from birth (with the infant insert for the first 5 months or so) to 20kg and is a very generous size, so you can get years and years of use out of it. Most children can be carried up until around 4-5 years of age in the baby Tula.

If you freaking love your Tula (and most people do) and your baby is over about 18 months of age and starting to feel a bit heavy, you will find that the toddler size will provide more support for their legs which carries them a bit closer to your core for a more comfortable fit. Many people end up selling their baby size when their children start to feel heavy to fund their toddler size and find they aren’t too out of pocket at all. But just because there are two sizes doesn’t mean you need both. If your baby is 10-12 months old and you’re wondering what size to get, you will get way more use out of the baby size than the toddler because you can start using the baby size straight away and use it throughout your carrying years.


Hey, these are supposed to be Tula specific questions.. but you’re a keen bean, aren’t you? I like your style. We know people love to get their baby carriers as soon as they’ve made a decision. Generally all orders are processed same-day for overnight delivery on weekdays if orders are received by about 3pm. Nikki has been known to run out in the rain to get a few orders out that arrive past that time, too.

PO boxes and rural addresses can take a little longer. Please refer to our shipping info for all of the information you need.

We love you too. Unfortunately Tula’s rules and regulations prevent retailers from shipping outside of their own country, and therefore I can only send Tula’s to Australian addresses. You know, Australia is pretty lovely so if you happen to have any friends who live here…

Yes, if it’s available for us to order in. It’s best to contact us to check. Some prints are discontinued for good and we’re no longer able to order them in, but we’ll be able to let you know if you ask. Just be sure to include the name of the print you’re after in your email. You can also sign up for restock notifications, just make sure you’re not waiting on something that might not come back

No, you don’t. Tula’s are incredibly adjustable to suit all shapes and sizes. Nurture Nest was created to help people choose the perfect baby carrier for their family. You can find all of the information you need here or by contacting us. Nikki (owner/founder/doer-of-all-things-Nurture-Nest) is a Certified Baby Carrier Consultant and has specialised in baby carriers for over 5 years. Not once in that time has she had someone return a carrier based on her recommendations, and most customers purchase online. The great part about this is you can receive it the next day without having to leave the comfort of your couch.

Tula’s and newborns

You sure can (in the baby/standard size), you’ll just need an infant insert to do so.

Tula recommend that Infants who weigh between 3.2kg (7 pounds) and 6.8kg (15 pounds) must use the infant insert.
Infants above 6.8kg (15 pounds) must continue to use the Tula infant insert until they can hold their head up themselves consistently for an extended period of time, and also be placed in a fully seated position in the baby carrier with their knees dangling freely at a right angle (with no fabric coming past the back of their knees) As a guide, most babies no longer require the infant insert from around 4-5 months of age.

No you can’t. The infant insert can only be used with the Baby Tula. Don’t worry though – it carries up to 20kg so you’ll get years of use out of it.
The Toddler size Tula can only be used for children at a minimum weight of 11.34kg and height of about 82cm and above, so you wouldn’t even be able to use it once the infant no longer requires the infant insert, even if it was safe (and it’s not). Think of the Toddler Tula as an optional extra for children 18 months and above.

The short answer is ‘no’. I’m unable to advise you to do something that goes against the manufacturer’s instructions. The safety of your baby is very important, and as no baby carriers have been safety tested with a towel, it’s not safe to advise you to do this. If not positioned properly with a towel, a baby can slip into a dangerous position that can restrict their breathing.
I do try to save my customers money where I can, and if your baby doesn’t need an infant insert I’m very happy to advise you not to purchase one (if they are tall enough and have adequate neck control) but safety is a priority that comes above saving a few dollars (it really is only a few dollars once you sell it on when you no longer need it).
The same applies to using an infant insert from another brand – they simply aren’t designed, nor have they been tested, to be used together.

Using the Tula

Yes you can. We recommend mastering breastfeeding and babywearing separately before combining the two together. Remember, babywearing allows you to be hands free but it’s really important your baby still has your full attention when you’re breastfeeding for safety reasons.

Tula recommend spot cleaning your Tula Baby Carrier and Tula Toddler Carrier as required with a soft cloth, soap and warm water. You can machine wash when necessary in cold water, on a delicate cycle, with mild detergent with no optical brighteners in it. We suggest doing up the buckles and putting it inside a closed pillowcase or laundry bag for extra protection. Once it’s finished being washed, simply air dry.

Tula recommend you can begin back carrying when children are 12 months of age or when they have strong and consistent neck, head, and torso control and can push themselves up to and remain in a seated position on a consistent basis.

Pretty good actually. They don’t have any padding in the panel, unlike a lot of other brands, so they do remain quite cool. If you’re particularly concerned about heat you could consider the Tula ‘Coast’ range which have a mesh panel.

Different types of Tula’s

The Tula “Coast” range have a breathable mesh panel which is ideal for very hot climates and active lifestyles. Many people still find the thin (yet supportive) original canvas Tula’s still very breathable and cool, so if you can’t find a Coast in a print you love, don’t panic – the canvas Tula will be just fine.

Most Tula’s have canvas straps and a waistbelt in block colours to match in with the patterned print on the panel. Tula have now introduced brand new ‘full canvas’ Tula’s that allow the whole outside of the carrier to be covered in a decorative canvas, to give Tula’s the ‘wrap conversion’ look without the price tag.

The fit, dimensions, comfort, and use all remain the same as other Tula’s.

Wrap conversion Tula’s have the same fit, dimensions, comfort, and use as other Tula’s. Instead of canvas and patterned fabric, they are made from woven wraps and unicorn hair. The unicorn hair was a lie, but they do send people into a clicking frenzy and often sell out within seconds. They come with a much larger price tag, too. My advice is if you are waiting to wear your baby, stick to something that’s easy to purchase and then go for a wrap conversion later as you might be waiting a long time to ‘score’ one. Dare I mention the days I first bought them to Australia and used to order them in and only about 3 people would put their name down for a random draw because no-one had heard of them? It makes me sound a bit old so perhaps I shouldn’t mention it…

I have a sizing question

We’ve dedicated a whole section to Tula sizing – please refer to the ‘sizing’ tab for all of the information you need


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