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LILLEbaby All Seasons: Charcoal Silver Feathers


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Lillebaby ‘Charcoal Silver Feathers’ is one of our best sellers.  The All Seasons range provides the option to zip down the main panel to reveal cool, breathable mesh, so it’s perfect for – you guessed it – all seasons!

If you want an ergonomic baby carrier that has everything you need to use it from birth and has the added option to carry your baby facing forward, the Lillebaby is for you.

Lillebaby Benefits

  • Use from birth to 20kg: All Lillebaby’s (except the Toddler CarryOn) can be used from birth to 20kg
  • No infant insert required: The Lillebaby doesn’t require an infant insert for newborns, making it really quick and easy to use.  Simply snap the base of the carrier into itself to form a narrower setting so the baby can be worn with their legs out.  When the baby is around 5 months old, it can be snapped out to the larger setting to provide a supportive seat for growing babies
  • Toddler size option also available: Lillebaby have produced the Toddler CarryOn, an optional extra for bigger children
  • Multiple carrying positions: The Lillebaby can be worn front facing in, front facing out, on your hip, or on your back
  • Lumbar support: Lillebaby’s come with removable lumbar support which provides comfortable support for your lower back
  • Dual-adjustable (two way) straps: Shoulder straps can be adjusted both ways, making back carrying a breeze as the straps are always within reach
  • Extendable torso: Lillebaby Complete have a neck rest which folds up to provide neck support for newborns or back support for growing toddlers
  • Sleeping hood: Each Lille has a removable sleep hood which provides adjustable support for the baby’s head while sleeping, sun protection, and privacy
  • Pockets: Lillebaby carriers come with a handy zippered storage pocket
  • Crossable straps: With the Lillebaby you have the choice to have the straps crossed or uncrossed.  Some people find crossing the straps provides a lot more upper back support than having them uncrossed.

Please note our standard shipping is calculated without a box (because most people chuck it straight in the recycling bin anyway).  If you would like a box, please email us for a with-box shipping quote or make note of it on your order form. 

Everything you need to know about Lillebaby sizing


The Complete carries from birth to 20kg, and the toddler CarryOn from 9.1kg to 27kg.

If your child is newborn to 9.1kg: Choose the ‘Complete’, which will carry your baby up to 20kg (an average 3-4 year old)

If your child is above 9.1kg: You can start considering the CarryOn Toddler which will carry up until 27kg.  Stick with the ‘Complete’ if you are wanting to carry another child under this weight recommendation, or want to have them facing out.

If you’re unsure, always size down to the ‘Complete’ as it is still a very generous size.

There are some differences between the two sizes

The CarryOn is designed for larger children as an optional extra.  It has more room in the panel.  Children can be worn on the hip, back, or facing in.

The Complete has a fold down neck support so smaller babies can look out and be worn forward facing. Children can be worn facing in, and out, on the hip an on the back in a variety of ways because the width of the seat adjusts.

Lillebaby carriers are completely adjustable and suit most wearers and people of all shapes and sizes absolutely rave about how comfortable they are.

Petite wearers love the narrower straps, and larger wearers love having extra padding across their back, and having the ability to cross the straps at the back  so there’s no underarm buckle rub.  Please refer to ‘waistbelt and shoulder strap measurements’ below to ensure the Lillebaby will fit you (there’s a waistbelt extension available if it doesn’t)

Waistbelt: The Lillebaby waistbelt extends from 64cm (25.2”) of padding, out to 132cm (52”).  The Lillebaby waistbelt extension extends the waistbelt by a further 23cm (9 inches)

Straps: Lillebaby straps have about 22cm of padding, and extend out much further with additional webbing.  The straps can be worn crossed or uncrossed.

There are two Lillebaby sizes – Complete (birth to 20kg) and CarryOn (9.1kg to 27kg).  The dimensions are below:

Complete (birth to 20kg (44lbs) )

The Lillebaby Complete width can be narrowed (for newborns) which provides two width options.

  • Width: Narrow setting 17.8cm (7”), wide setting 36.8cm (14.5”)
  • Height/Body: Neck support up: 47cm (18.5”), neck support down: 35.5cm (14”)

CarryOn Toddler

  • Width – 51cm (20”) main panel, 45cm (17.7”) at leg
  • Height: 44.45cm (17.5”)Can I order a print you don’t have in store?

Lillebaby and newborns

You sure can, without the need to purchase any accessories at all.  Lillebaby recommend baby’s are a minimum of 3.2kg (7lbs) which means most babies can be carried straight away

No it doesn’t.   The beauty of the Lillebaby is that the base folds into a narrow position so your baby can comfortably be carried with their legs out  No need to fuss around with an infant insert

Using the Lillebaby

Yes you can.  We recommend mastering breastfeeding and babywearing separately before combining the two together.  Remember, babywearing allows you to be hands free but it’s really important your baby still has your full attention when you’re breastfeeding for safety reasons.

Lillebaby’s can be machine washed. Cold Wash on Gentle, use detergent with no optical brighteners, and hang to dry

We recommend spot cleaning when sufficient

Lillebaby recommendations are that wearing your child on your back is possible when they are 6 months old and when baby can strongly and independently support his/her head and comfortably sit with their legs around your waist.  

We recommend to our customers that back carrying in any carrier is safest when the child can pull themselves into a seated position on the floor and remain there on their own, which demonstrates adequate core muscles.

Yes you can.  Lillebaby recommend that you can start when your baby is 6 months old and when the baby can strongly and independently support their own head.  We recommend turning your baby to face back in if they fall asleep, and to be aware that babies can sometimes become overstimulated when forward facing as they can’t turn into snuggle you, so it’s best to check in with them frequently.  Please note the centre of gravity will change with this position so if your back hurts after a while, you’ll likely find it more comfortable to carry your child facing you.

It sure is, Lillebaby have even ensured that the baby is positioned as ergonomically as possible in the forward facing position (which can be difficult to achieve) The wide base when the baby is facing in allows for adequate support to the back of the knees to ensure comfort for you and your baby, and support for their hips and spine.

Lillebaby carriers can be worn on your front (facing you, or facing out to the world), your hip, and your back

Lillebaby have quite a few options designed for hot climates.  In order of ‘coolest’ to ‘least cool’ in the heat, we believe it goes something like this: Airflow, All Seasons, Embossed, Organic, Original.  For more information, please refer to ‘what are the differences between the different types of Lillebaby’s’

Different types of Lillebaby’s

All Complete Lillebaby’s have the same size, structure and comfort.  The only thing that differs is the fabric it is made from, with some options being a more pleasing option for hot climates.  We’ve outlined the fabric differences below:

Complete All Seasons

Perfect for all seasons and climates (and perfectly named), the all seasons is a canvas carrier that enables you to zip down the panel to reveal breathable mesh.  This is our most popular seller in the Lillebaby range

  • Exterior fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Lining fabric: 3D mesh
  • Unique feature: Temperature control panel zips up for warmth or down to reveal cool, breathable mesh

Complete Airflow

Perfect for those who spend the majority of their time living in hot climates (lucky you) or lead an active lifestyle.  Airflow is mostly made of breathable mesh.

  • Exterior fabric: 3D mesh
  • Lining fabric: 3D mesh
  • Unique feature: Made with cool, breathable mesh

Complete Original

Lillebaby’s original canvas carrier.  Slightly padded in the panel, it can be warmer in hot climates than other Lillebaby options

  • Exterior fabric: 100% cotton
  • Lining fabric: 100% sateen cotton
  • Unique feature: Sturdy and durable cotton canvas


The embossed is as comfortable as it is stunning.  It’s truly stylish and buttery soft, and still remains relatively cool in the heat

  • Exterior fabric: Microfiber
  • Lining fabric: Faux suede microfiber
  • Unique feature: Stylish and super soft microfiber with cozy faux suede lining


Soft, luxurious, and timeless, the organic Lillebaby’s are buttery soft and incredibly comfortable.  Slightly warmer than the All Seasons and Airflow, but still relatively breezy

  • Fabric: 100% brushed organic cotton



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