Choosing a baby carrier FAQ

I’m not sure what baby carrier is best for my family, can you help me?
If you need help choosing a baby carrier, please send an email to [email protected] to receive advice from a Certified Baby Carrier Consultant. It is helpful if you include the following information:
  • Whether you know what ‘type’ you want or not (e.g. buckle carrier, mei tai, stretchy wrap, woven wrap, ring sling) - it’s totally OK if you have no idea, but if you already do please let me know what type you’re interested in so I can help you to narrow down which brand/size would suit you
  • Your child’s age (if they’re not born yet that’s OK too!)
  • Your t-shirt size (t-shirt size of the largest person who will be using the baby carrier if you’re sharing) - just a rough guess will do, my carriers are very adjustable!
  • Your location (country)
  • Whether you have owned another carrier before and anything you liked or didn’t like about it
  • Any other information you feel is important to add
I look forward to helping you choose the perfect baby carrier for your family!

Shipping and ordering FAQ

Do you ship worldwide?
In short - Yes! Please refer to individual product descriptions just to make sure there are no restrictions (e.g. I cannot ship Tula products outside of Australia due to their regulations) but otherwise I offer express delivery worldwide.  Postage usually takes about 3 days (this doesn’t include customs clearance times in your country which are totally out of my control - but many of my international customers have reported that it’s super quick delivery)
What currency are your prices in?
The default currency is Australian dollars, however if you'd like to view pricing in another currency simply click the little flags in the top right of the screen. If you don't see your flag there, you convert pricing to the same as your currency the same way we find 99% of our answers to everything.  Google! For example, you can Google product price + AUD to your currency e.g. google '150AUD to USD' and it will provide you with an instant answer without even having to click on anything. Once you take something through the checkout, it will all be calculated for you.
How long will my order take to reach me?
At Nurture Nest, we are known for our super, super quick shipping. Australia: In most cases, delivery is overnight on business days.  If you have a residential address, business address, or parcel locker and order prior to 3pm (Adelaide time), in most cases you will receive your order the following morning.  I'm often still able to pack orders up until 5pm Adelaide time.  This is for in stock items (items are marked clearly as preorder if they are not in stock).  The couriers do not deliver on weekends, so ordering on a Friday will mean your order should arrive Monday. Australian PO boxes and postage to the NT can take a little longer due to needing to use Australia Post.  We go to the post office a minimum of once per week, and also their transit times can be quite slow.  If you have a residential address I highly suggest using that (unless you’re rural, in which case please use your PO box address).  If you do need your order really quickly, please email me and I will see what I can do to get your order to you as quickly as possible Worldwide: Delivery is an average of 3 days.  This doesn’t allow for customs processing times in your country as this is totally out of my control - but the feedback has been that the orders generally arrive really quickly.  Please allow an extra 24 hours for me to pack international deliveries due to the paperwork - but in most cases it is still processed the same business day I receive it.
How much is shipping?
Australia: Shipping is currently FREE for overnight delivery on orders over $150, or only 7.95 for overnight delivery for orders under $150.  The courier will leave your parcel if you are not home at the time of delivery. Worldwide: Shipping varies by what country you are in and the weight of the product.  There’s a simple shipping calculator which you will see when you add the products to the cart on the website which will give you an accurate calculation of shipping costs.  Please note - prices are listed in AUD so please ensure you convert to your currency (often it ends up being cheaper!)
Can you order something in that’s not in stock?
I am more than happy to order something in for you if it’s available from my supplier for me to order in.  This is where it gets tricky - a lot of products on the website are limited edition which means they may not be produced again once they are sold out, or they may be available in limited quantities due to their popularity and the manufacturer not being able to keep up with production.  The best way for me to answer this question is for you to send through an email with the brand, print, and size you have your eye on and I can let you know a possible timeframe.  Sometimes it’s as simple as the product you’re after being in transit and due to arrive the next day, so it is always worth asking!
Where is local pick-up?
Pick up is from Adelaide, Australia - about 5 minutes from Marion Shopping Centre. Nurture Nest is run from home so all pick-ups are by appointment. Simply write in the comments section that you'd like to pick up your order and then email to organise a pick-up time. Although we can often organise pick-up within 5 minutes, please allow a couple of extra days if you haven't checked in with me prior because as a family we have various things going on throughout the week and we aren't always home. Plus don't forget delivery is FREE overnight delivery if your order is over $150, or only $7.95 if your order is under so often delivery can be cheaper than petrol! If you need a product urgently, you're very welcome to email prior to placing your order to see if it's able to be picked up straight away.
What is does preorder mean?
Preorder means it’s not currently in stock, but in the very large majority of cases it means I have secured the stock for you from the supplier and it is being processed by the supplier or in transit to me.  Generally a preordered product would arrive within 1-14 days from the time ordered.  If you would like a more accurate time-frame you are advised to email for an estimate.  I do my best to estimate the time of preorders but there are a few things that need to take place for it to get to me so there can be delays, but often I have a tracking number and can give you a quite accurate estimate.
How long before you restock products?
It depends on the product.  I order from each supplier on a regular basis but due to the nature of the items they can be difficult to reorder due to limited edition prints the range is constantly changing (but it also means new and exciting prints are on their way) The best way for me to answer this question is for you to send through an email with the brand, print, and size you have your eye on and I can let you know a possible timeframe.  Sometimes it’s as simple as the product you’re after being in transit and due to arrive the next day, so it is always worth asking!

Buckle carrier questions (e.g. Tula) FAQ

Do I need an infant insert? How long does the baby need the infant insert for?
The infant insert is an optional accessory to the Tula baby carriers and is recommended in order to use the carriers from newborn up to approximately 15 lbs (6.8kg), and until your baby can sit independently with knees dangling down freely in the correct M-position. Generally babies no longer require the infant insert when they are around 3-5 months of age.
Do I choose a baby size or toddler size buckle carrier for my child?
The short answer: The general rule of thumb for toddler carriers is that they are best for children over 18 months of age and/or about 82cm tall (32 inches).  If your child has not reached the height requirement and is a little way off you are advised to size down, not up. The long answer (the reason why): Since the very exciting release of carriers specifically designed for toddlers, there has unfortunately been a misconception that you need to buy two different sized carriers to carry your child from birth to toddlerhood and beyond.  Or that you need to buy a toddler size if your baby is about 10-12 months and you don’t have a carrier yet.  This is NOT the case.  Think of a toddler size of an additional extra that brand offers. The ‘baby’ sized carriers of brands who also have a ‘toddler’ size are very comparable in size to the brands who only offer one size (e.g. Ergo, Manduca) - in fact, the baby size of the brands who offer 2 sizes are often even a little bigger than the brands that only have one size available.   Again - the toddler is an additional extra offered for children who fit the requirements in the first paragraph.  Most of the baby size carriers sold at Nurture Nest carry up to the same weight that the toddler sizes do - often this is 20kg (an average 3-4 year old)! The difference? The width and height.  Many toddler size carriers are a whopping 9cm wider than the baby size.  Your baby needs to fit in the carrier without the edge of it coming past their knees. There is a huge amount of overlap between the two sizes.  Just because the toddler size starts at 18 months doesn’t mean the baby size can’t be used past 18 months.  Remember 20kg is an average 3-4 year old.  If your baby is 10-12 months old and you’re wondering what size to get, you will get way more use out of the baby size than the toddler because you can start using the baby size straight away and use it throughout your carrying years! If you have an older child who does meet the age/height requirements and you’re not planning on using the carrier with another child, then toddler carriers really are awesome.  They provide that extra width to fully support their legs and distribute the weight even more evenly against your core - but they are not a necessity if you are wanting the one carrier to see you through your carrying years.
Can you use an infant insert with a toddler Tula?
The short answer is no.  Definitely not.  (Don’t worry, you’re not the first person to wonder) Infant inserts are designed to use with children from birth up until around 4-5 months in the Baby sized Tula.  Once they can fit in the baby size without the fabric coming past their knees, and when they have appropriate neck control they can then use the baby size without the insert.  The baby size will carry up to 20kg, so it will suit your baby/child for a really long time.
Why won’t the infant insert work in the Toddler Tula?
Firstly, the Toddler Tula is FAR too big to be used with an infant insert.  It’s designed for children above 18 months old.   An infant insert in the toddler size would be too baggy, and the fabric would come up too high on the carrier.  The baby would be at risk of slumping in the carrier or having their face covered with the fabric.  Even if you were able to use the infant insert with the toddler sized Tula (and you can’t, but let’s just go with this for a second) there would be the time between them being too big for the insert (around 4-5 months) and being too small to be able to fit comfortably in the toddler Tula (remember I said they won’t fit in the toddler Tula until around 18 months?) so for 5-18 months they wouldn’t be able to be carried in the toddler size anyway. In summary:
  • If your child is under 18 months old, the baby size is best and will last you a long time.  If you want to use the Tula between the ages of 0-4 months, you will require the infant insert to carry them safely and comfortably
  • If your child is over 18 months then you can consider the toddler Tula (unless you have younger siblings or future younger siblings you’d like to carry.  In that case, I’d suggest the baby size)
My friend told me I can use a rolled up blanket instead of an infant insert, is this OK?
Using a blanket instead of an infant insert in a carrier that requires one for infants isn’t something I can advise you to do.  The safety of your baby is a very big priority of mine and as no baby carriers have been safety tested with a towel, it’s not safe to advise you to do this. I do try to save my customers money where I can, and if your baby doesn’t need an infant insert I’m very happy to advise you not to purchase one (if they are tall enough and have adequate neck control) but safety is a priority that comes above saving money.
I have an Ergo (or other brand) insert - can I use it with my Tula?
An Ergo insert has not been designed for or safety tested with the Tula so this is not something I can advise.  I advise you to only use two brands that have been designed and safety tested together e.g. Ergo insert and Ergo baby carrier or Tula insert and Tula Baby Carrier.  If you’re hesitant to purchase an insert you could consider a ring sling instead for the time period you’d usually use an insert for and then use the buckle carrier once the baby fits.  The advantage of this is that ring slings don’t cost much more than the infant inserts (check out my Little Frog ring slings) and they can also be used in toddlerhood so it’s really cost effective, and a lot of my customers decide to do this.
What age can I do a back carry with my buckle carrier?
Please check the manufacturer’s instructions.  As a Certified Baby Carrier Consultant my recommendation is only doing a back carry when the child can pull themselves to a seated position on the floor and sit unsupported by themselves.  This ensures they have the core strength suggested for a back carry.

Woven Wraps FAQ

What is a woven wrap?
A woven wrap is a product designed for carrying your baby, and is one of the four main baby carrier options available.  A woven wrap is essentially long piece of fabric which you can tie around you in a variety of ways to secure your baby against your body.  Woven wraps are loomed by hand by experienced weavers, or are machine woven depending on the brand.  They are specially woven to support the weight of a child.  Woven wraps have what is referred to as a ‘diagonal weave’, which means the wrap won’t sag.  They are incredibly strong and much cooler than ‘stretchy wraps’, particularly because they only require one layer of fabric across the baby to provide adequate support.  Woven wraps can be worn from birth until toddlerhood and beyond
What size woven wrap do I need?
It’s best to choose the size of the woven wrap based on the largest person who will use the wrap.  Excess fabric on the smaller person can be used up in a variety of ways, so it’s always best to size up rather than down.  The size you require depends on the size of the wearer and which carries you would like to do. Most people start with a long wrap which will enable them to try the largest variety of carries.  For most people this is a size 6 (4.6m).  If you wear an Australian t-shirt size 10 or smaller, a 4.2m should suffice, and if you are over a size 16, you may like to size up to a 5.2m.  A long wrap will enable you to do a ‘front wrap cross carry’ which is the most popular carry for those new to wrapping.  It will also enable you to do a number of other front carries, hip carries, and even double layered back carries for a toddler when you have the skills to do so. Woven wrap sizes are often referred to in either a size number (usually ranging from 2 to 8), or their length in metres.  Below is the sizing and the corresponding lengths (this can change slightly from brand to brand) Size 2 - 2.6 metres Size 3 - 3.2 metres Size 4 - 3.6 metres Size 5 - 4.2 metres Size 6 - 4.6 metres Size 7 - 5.2 metres Size 8 - 5.6 metres
What blend woven wrap should I get?
If you’re new to wrapping or have a newborn (or both) I recommend starting out with 100% cotton.  You can’t go wrong with 100% cotton in any of the brands at Nurture Nest (just find something you love the look of!) If you have an older child or are concerned about heat, you can consider a linen blend as they are a touch cooler and more supportive.  If you’re unsure, please email [email protected] and I would be more than happy to help.
Why do the prices vary between woven wrap sizes?
Between each size of woven wrap, there’s about a 50cm difference in fabric length.  Due to the additional materials used, this is reflected in the price.  It’s a bit different to buying a different sized t-shirt, as only a tiny bit of extra fabric is used for those (and generally they are made from far cheaper material)
Why do the prices vary between brands?
I’m going to use the t-shirt analogy here - in this case buying a woven wrap IS similar to buying a t-shirt.  Just as we have different brand with different pricing, so do woven wraps.  If you’re shopping at Nurture Nest you can be strongly assured that I only stock safe, high quality products.  If you see a cheaper carrier in my store that you love - go for it! Same with a more expensive wrap.  Find something you love and you’ll be happy.

General Babywearing FAQ

I have a really bad back/neck - can I babywear?
I’m not a medical expert and everyone is different, however I can say this;  I have suffered from (and continue to suffer from) chronic pain related to several medical conditions - some I have been born with, and some in relation to major surgery I was required to have.  For me - babywearing was an absolute life saver and it has always been far easier on my body to carry my children in a carrier than to carry them in my arms or on my hip.  So much so that on my bad days I would get my baby out of the carseat and pop her straight into the baby carrier simply to walk up my driveway and inside down the hallway.  I have received many similar reports from other people who have had back or neck issues and this is one of the reasons I am incredibly passionate about providing people with access to good quality baby carriers - it changed my life, and the life of many others who suffer from pain.  If you are unsure, feel free to consult with your medical professional and be sure to reassure them that you are looking into high quality carriers that distribute the weight evenly across your body.  Bring pictures if you need to! If they are still unsure - I’m happy to consult with them.

Ring Slings FAQ

I want a ring sling, but what size do I need?
The only thing that varies between ring sling sizes is the length of the material and how much of the ‘tail’ hangs over the rings - it doesn’t change the fit of the ring sling at all and doesn’t need to be sized based on the size of the wearer, unless you are Australian size 24, in which case you might like to size up.
How do I wash my ring sling?
Refer to the instructions from the manufacturer.  If they don’t have any, I suggest the following: Detergent -  Liquid detergent that is free from optical brighteners is best for washing woven wraps and ring slings.  Avoid fabric softeners. Washing - When washing or drying a ring sling, put a sock over the rings so they don’t bump around in your washing machine (plus it can be quite noisy without it!)  If the brand/fibre is able to be tumble dried, a low setting is best.  This helps to soften up your ring sling too.