I try to stay away from claims that particular wraps are best for any situation, but with the Didymos Lisca range being so incredibly beautiful and amazing, I find it hard to stay impartial.  Didymos Lisca Minos was the first wrap I had for my 2nd child.  I can still imagine the snuggliness of the wrap as I sit here and think about it.  It was like wrapping my daughter in (mess free) melted butter.  Supportive melted butter.  I’ve even seen these used to carry two children at once – a toddler on the back, a newborn on the front so they are also very toddler worthy.

They don’t require ANY softening up.  Not one bit.  They are nice and soft straight out of the box.  This also makes them really easy to learn with.

Oh, sweet Lisca goodness.  I had no chance of remaining impartial with these.

They have also just arrived in a range of lovely colours as well.  If you’d like to see more, you can view the range here.

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