To many, woven wraps are a little bit of a mystery.

They come in a variety of absolutely stunning fabrics which easily catch anyone’s eye, but as many people haven’t had the opportunity to see them used in their friendship circles, they can be a new concept despite being around for a number of years.  I’ve written this guide to explain this beautiful world of woven wraps and why they are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to carry our babies.

What is a woven wrap?

A woven wrap is a way of carrying your baby, and is one of the four main baby carrier options available.  A woven wrap is essentially long piece of fabric which you can tie around you in a variety of ways to secure your baby against your body.  Woven wraps are loomed by hand by experienced weavers, or are machine woven depending on the brand.  They are specially woven to support the weight of a child.  Woven wraps have what is referred to as a ‘diagonal weave’, which means the wrap won’t sag.  They are incredibly strong and much cooler than ‘stretchy wraps’, particularly because they only require one layer of fabric across the baby to provide adequate support.  Woven wraps can be worn from birth until toddlerhood and beyond 

Why use a woven wrap instead of ‘easier’ carriers?

To many people, woven wraps look quite complicated.  Admittedly, getting started can be a little daunting and the different sizes, brands, and fabric blends can seem a little overwhelming at first (hang in there, I’m here to help!)  Once you know the basics and have had an opportunity to practice, they are actually quite easy to use.

Woven wraps are incredibly versatile.  Babies can be worn on your front, back and hip in a woven – but not only that, they can be worn in these positions in a number of different ways.  Don’t let this overwhelm you though.  I like to tell new wrappers not to become so overwhelmed with how to do every carry.  All you need to know is how to do one wrap confidently and safely in order to be able to use it successfully, and then when you are ready you can move on to learn another carry.

Woven wraps can also be used by multiple wearers.  There’s no adjusting required when you use your baby carrier after the person before you, as you tie it to suit yourself each time.

They are oh-so-comfortable.  Many who use woven wraps love that they get a custom fit every time.  You wrap the baby to you, so it fits to your body and your baby’s body perfectly.  Your wrapping technique is what provides the support, so it’s important you feel confident, and there are a variety of ways to practice before wrapping your baby (many people use a doll!).  You can also receive guidance from a Baby Carrier Consultant, Babywearing group, or online tutorials.  

You can back carry a small baby (when experienced enough to do so)  Confident wearers can use woven wraps for high back carries which allows even young babies to be back carried.  This makes babywearing even more ‘hands free’ and provides for a bit more flexibility than front carrying.  I loved having my newborn fast asleep on my back when taking my toddler to Kindergym.  We could truly have one-on-one time and both children were content.

They’re so supportive for your baby, particularly little newborns.  As woven wraps can be adjusted to perfectly support your newborn, you can be sure their hips and spine are adequately supported so long as you follow wrapping guidelines.  Many people believe they are the most supportive option for newborns.

They’re so supportive for you.  Not only do woven wraps distribute the weight evenly across your body, if you’re carrying for long periods you can try a few carries throughout the day to shift the weight to different areas.  This is particularly helpful if you have pressure points you want to avoid.

They’re fun.  Yes, there is a slight learning curve when it comes to learning to use a woven wrap, but it does become easier with practice and it’s actually a very fun thing to learn.  You feel a real sense of achievement when you have learned a new carry.  And the fabrics…. Do I need to mention how beautiful they are? 

There truly is a whole world out there when it comes to woven wraps.  If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to use the ‘Contact Us’ form to have a chat with me.  I’m a Certified Baby Carrying Consultant who has used a number of baby carriers before, and I would love to help you find something that’s suitable for you! If you’d like to start browsing the different woven wraps available, simply click on the ‘Woven Wrap Baby Carriers’ section on the left of the screen.

Happy wrapping!

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