Tula: 5 Reasons to Love the Tula

When people refer to a Tula, they are mostly referring to their soft structured baby carriers (also known as buckle carriers).  

The stylish and practical Tula might very well be one of the most popular baby carriers of all time.  As the first store to introduce them to Australia, it was hard to choose just 5 reasons we love our Tula.

  1. Tula’s come a number of stylish prints 

Gone are the days of having to wear a bland, bulky baby carrier that make you look as though you’re wearing a backpack the wrong way.  Tula have introduced an incredible number of modern, fun, and exciting patterns that make you excited to wear your baby carrier.  At any given time, Tula have around 30 prints available to choose from.  It’s not unusual to see families with a collection of Tula’s in a variety of different prints for this reason (I may or not be one of those people).

tula-baby-carrier-archer_2 (1)

  1. Tula’s are simple to use

With a wriggly toddler or a tiny newborn, nobody has time for a baby carrier that’s difficult to use and takes more than one person to put it on.  The Tula secures with two simple clips, and with some extra slight adjustments you’ll be ready to go in 30 seconds or less.  Put it this way – it’s quicker than getting the pram out the boot or trying to get two wriggly little legs in the leg holes of a shopping trolley.  You can see in the instructions below just how easy they are to use.

Tula baby carrier instructions for a front carry

  1. The Tula has a handy pocket on the waistbelt

A pocket on the waistbelt might seem like a really simple thing, but if you’re like me and are always fumbling around looking for your car keys it’s an absolute life saver.  The pocket can also fit a phone, credit cards and/or cash so often all you need when you leave the house is your Tula

Tula baby carrier storage pocket on waistbelt

  1. Tula’s come in two sizes for you to choose from

Tula’s come in a baby size and a toddler size – and no this doesn’t mean you have to buy both! What it does mean is when you have a child who is 18 months or older you have the choice to purchase a larger version (toddler size) to accommodate your growing child.  Don’t think you’ll wear a toddler? You might be surprised at how helpful your carrier can be during ‘witching hour’ at around 5pm at night – all you need to do is put your toddler on your back and you can continue to prepare dinner

  1.   Tula’s have Perfect Fit Adjusters for a snug fit

Perfect fit adjusters are clips located at the top of the shoulder straps which allow you to extend the length of the shoulder strap.  This can be useful for a couple of reasons; it enables you to position more of the padding across your back if you’re very tall, and it’s also very helpful for breastfeeding because you can loosen the strap as you’re feeding and retighten it when you’re finished without having to adjust the entire carrier.  If you’re shorter or petite, you might like to have the straps completely tightened for a nice snug fit.  Once you’ve experienced perfect fit adjusters, it’s hard to go back to a carrier without them!

Tula perfect fit adjusters

So there you have it – 5 reasons to love the Tula!

If you’d like to browse this beautiful range, you can find them here: Tula Baby Carriers (birth to 18 months) and Tula Toddler Carriers (18 months +).  If you’re unsure which size you need, we have comprehensive sizing information in the individual product listings and you’re always very welcome to contact us for advice from our Certified Baby Carrier Consultant

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