So you’ve heard Tula’s are awesome carriers but you have no idea whether to choose a Standard or a Free To Grow.

Let’s start by having a look at the difference between the two carriers.

The main difference between the Free to Grow and the standard is that the Free to Grow can adjust to accommodate a newborn without the need for an infant insert.

Tula Free to Grow Celebrate
Tula Free to Grow with a newborn

Babies will need to use either an infant insert or the adjustability of the Tula Free to Grow from birth up until around 5 months of age.

Once they’re around 5 months old, their legs will be long enough to stretch the width of the carrier safely and comfortably without the need to adjust it or use an insert.


Tula Baby Carrier Australia
Standard Tula with 6 month old


If you already have a child who is 5 or 6 months of age or above, you can safely choose the Tula Standard because you won’t require the adjustability of the Free to Grow beyond this age. 

If you have a child younger than this age, I strongly advise purchasing the Tula Free to Grow because the infant insert for the Standard Tula is quite fiddly to use and quite warm for bub too

The two main things to consider when making your decision between the Tula Free to Grow and the Standard are:

  • Whether you plan on having another child and using that same carrier without the need to purchase any extras. If you do plan on having more children, you might like to consider the Free to Grow so you can have the one carrier to accommodate all of your baby wearing needs for your growing family

If your baby is older than 5 months of age and you plan on having another child, again you might like to consider the Free to Grow so you don’t have to buy and use a fiddly infant insert to use your carrier with your next baby.

  • The Standard Tula does have a little more adjustability in the shoulder straps. If you’ve heard of ‘personal fit adjusters’ and want to utilise those and your baby is above 5 months of age you might like to consider the Standard Tula. You can read more about personal fit adjusters here:

Feel free to contact our Certified Baby Carrier Consultant with any questions you may have


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