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Since the release of the new Tula Explore, many people are wondering whether to get an Explore or a Free to Grow.

The main difference between the Explore and the Free to Grow is that the Explore also allows you have your baby forward facing.

So, is it as simple as choosing the Tula Explore just because it has that extra option of forward facing?

Well, no.

Firstly, having your baby forward facing in a carrier is the last position babywearing experts (and many parents) recommend.

Everyone would agree that forward facing is is definitely the least comfortable out of the other carrying options (baby facing you or back carrying).

My short and sweet advice is – don’t get a forward facing carrier for the sole reason of it appearing as an extra option just in case you might use it, because to create a forward facing carrier you generally have to compromise on other comfort and functionality of the carrier which effects all carrying positions.

However, I do realise there are people out there who insist on having forward-facing as an option and if that’s the case, the Tula Explore is currently the most ergonomic carrier to do that in and in that case I would recommend it over most other brands.

I delve further into the pros and cons of forward facing in my article 8 reasons to reconsider using a forward facing carrier

Both the Tula Free to Grow and the Explore are comfortable, easy to use, and neither require you to purchase or use an infant insert because the panel adjusts to accommodate a newborn baby.

The Free to Grow has slightly less bulk to it than the Explore, and less of a learning curve. It’s the ‘no-fuss’ option from newborn and beyond. Both are tested to carry up to 20kg, but the Free to Grow is slightly more toddler friendly.

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If your child is over 6 months and you don’t want to use your carrier with another child, the Tula Standard is even more toddler friendly and has more adjustability options in the shoulder straps for the wearer for a perfect fit.

If your child is 18 months or over and you don’t want to use your carrier with another child the Toddler Tula is the ultimate toddler/big kid carrier

Still not sure which carrier is best for you? Feel free to contact our certified baby carrier consultant


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