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If you’ve stumbled across this page because you’re in Australia and wanting to buy a Tula, you’ve come to the right place! You can find the full range of Tula Baby Carriers and Toddler Tula’s for free overnight delivery, with AfterPay, Credit Card or PayPal as your payment options.  If you’re wanting to hear about the history of Tula Australia, keep reading below.

It’s no secret that Tula have a lot of passionate fans who love hearing everything there is to know about Tula Baby Carriers.  I should know – I was the to import and introduce Tula’s into Australia several years ago when nobody had heard of them.  So how did Tula Australia begin? What prints were the first prints to be introduced?  Has there been any changes to the designs over the years? And what happened to Tula Australia wrap conversions?

Grab a coffee and some chocolate and I’ll take you through the Tula Australia history.

Seriously, the chocolate is not optional.  I’ll wait. 

Tula Australia – the beginning

Those who know me know I’m a bit of a researcher, and when something is not quite right.. I do something about it.

The baby carriers available in Australia were good, but there was something missing.  They were quite bulky and they didn’t suit all wearers.  During open days (where people can try out my range) there wasn’t the one baby carrier I could recommend people try first, because there just wasn’t something that suited most people.  I started to research online to see if what I had in my head already existed out there.  In 2012 (yup, 5 years ago!), I found the Tula and imported a few to Australia to try.

Now, it didn’t tick all of the boxes of the baby carrier I’d dreamed up, but it was oh-so-comfortable and just what we needed in Australia! It wasn’t bulky and had nice thin fabric which was perfect for our climate, plus they came in amazing prints which were a refreshing change from the camel coloured baby carriers on the market.

Below you can see a picture of myself and my youngest daughter when she was a few months old and no longer needed the infant insert.  She’s now almost 5 years old! This is the ‘Skulls’ print, and I had a few people that day stop to ask which baby carrier I was wearing.

Tula australia skulls print baby carrier

I announced Tula to Australia and started recommending them to customers.  Those in Adelaide were able to come along and try out the Tula compared to the other carriers on the market, and each one walked out with a Tula above all readily available (and well known) brands.

It still took a while for Tula’s become well known (my guess would be at least a year or two, and that’s within the babywearing community) In 2014 Nurture Nest proudly became the Tula Australian Distributor, however Tula later decided to sell to retailers and the public directly.  Back in those days stock was quite hard to come by as they’d sell out quickly around the world and not quite be able to keep up with the manufacturing.

Tula Wrap Conversions in Australia

Next came the Tula wrap conversions.  When I first announced these the post got 45 likes! I generally sold them via random allocation to those in Australia via Facebook with about 15 or so people entering each time.  On a few occasions people would not go through with their order and I’d have to redraw… I imagine they kicked themselves when they started selling for 3 x the cost on eBay!

Unfortunately Tula haven’t provided Australian retailers with wrap conversions for quite some time now, however the good news is I do have some hiding away here I’ll be ready to list soon.  To stay up to date with when these will be released, please subscribe to the form at the end of this article.

Tula wrap conversions Australia


Since then we’ve managed to have Tula’s featured on the Australian show Today Tonight (below)

Tula Australia Today Tonight

And the most popular newspaper in Australia – The Advertiser

Tula australia the advertiser

The above mentions also had something to do with winning the Australian AusMumpreneur Customer Service Award

Tula design

As you’ll see in the picture of the Skulls Tula, Tula’s used to have a canvas border around the print.  Over the years this has been phased out so you get to see more of the print across the panel.

The Tula inserts have also changed design – the old ones used to open out and secure around the baby with velcro, with clips to attach the insert to the carrier (I have one here and can add a pic later for those interested!)

Where can I buy a Tula in Australia?

You can buy a Tula in Australia right at Nurture Nest (I’m just going to assume you skimmed the article!).  We have the full range of Baby Tula’s and Toddler Tula’s available for overnight delivery Australia wide if you order by about 3pm Adelaide time.

We hope you enjoyed a bit of Tula Australia history! If you’d like to stay up to date with new print releases, Tula Wrap Conversions, and new Tula products, please add your details below and we’ll keep you in the loop!

Thanks for all of your support over the years.  Many of you have been with me since the very beginning and Nurture Nest wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all of your referring your friends and offering your support.

If you’re new here – welcome!

Nikki (Nurture Nest founder/Director)


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