Some people have noticed I’ve been somewhat absent from social media, emails, and the Nurture Nest Facebook Group in recent months

Obviously I’ve been chatting with my customers and people who have emailed in for help with various questions, I just haven’t been sending many emails out myself.

It wasn’t planned on my end, it’s just something that kind of happened and so much time passed without me realising.

Things have been somewhat –  (how do I say it without swearing) – challenging, recently.

Have you ever felt like things are going OK and then something bad happens? Suddenly it’s all you can think about.

“How the f*ck are we going to deal with this?” you wonder. Before you can arrive at a solution, something else happens. And then something else. And something else.

You get the idea.

People say things happen in 3’s, but once # 3 challenge came along it didn’t stop there. By the time # 5 came along, I found myself laughing out loud… even though there was nothing really funny about it.

A few months ago we were told we need to move house. Finding a rental with a big dog, 3 chickens & 2 kids, that’s close to school and has room for my business isn’t the easiest of tasks.. but little did I know it was the least of our problems.

Next my dog started to get deteriorate further and we started to have discussions about whether it was time to free him of his pain. He’s been with me for 12 years – at my feet rain, hail, or shine. In fact, in his last few days he would bark or cry at the other end of the house so I could help him stand up so he could hobble his way into the office and sit with me. He was loyal right until the end. And unfortunately the end did come. I thought I’d feel at peace afterwards, but instead I spent several weeks wondering if we had done the right thing.

Of course, we did. But the weight of the decision sat with me for longer than I expected it to. I’ve felt so lonely running my business without having him at my feet, and I’m still trying to come to terms with the loss.

Next came the breast cancer diagnosis from one of the people I love the most in this whole world. It wasn’t the first time we’d received this news, but 6 years had passed and we thought it was behind us.

Suddenly everything else didn’t seem anywhere near as important as we sat by the phone waiting for various results and advice of how to proceed over the coming months. A lot of it was a blur. It’s amazing how much your life can change in the space of a few months. Despite that, she’s been amazing throughout it all and an incredible role model to my kids.

Then came my own medical news which came as a big shock. My health has been a long saga, but this time it was different, with no hope for a cure. It’s not the first ‘incurable’ thing I have been diagnosed with, but the first one where I could clearly see that no diet/exercise regime/medication/natural remedy/miracle was ever going to ‘fix’ it.

There were more things that happened, but I won’t go into it.

It has been challenging for us to continue to parent through all of this, and to help our children through their own feelings and emotions. Their fights over which colour cup they needed that particular day weren’t entirely easy to deal with though.. Mummy had bigger things to worry about!

Throughout all of this, Nurture Nest has been running as normal behind the scenes but I guess just less public so I could take the time to gather my thoughts. To be honest, I still don’t think my thoughts are quite gathered.

Things are still challenging, but for now I like to think of it this way:

  • We have a roof over our heads, we’ll find another.
  • I had almost 12 years with my dog & lots of memories, and my children got to love & meet him too
  • The cancer was found. She’s making me incredibly proud and has shown so much strength and determination
  • My medical problem was found. At least now I’m aware of it I can hopefully find some help to improve symptoms. Thankfully, I have built a business where I can work around my medical constraints and incredible people like you who support my little business.

I know people are going through far, far worse than this. This is just my experience of lots of things happening at once. The truth is, everyone is fighting their own battles. It’s reminded me more than ever how important it is to treat people with kindness.

Sometimes the only adult interaction I get throughout the day is with my customers. I enjoy the daily chats and a lot of the time I feel like I’m talking to old friends. Occasionally, really challenging people come along and – wow – I don’t know anyone in real life who would talk to people the way they do. When it’s one of the only conversations in your working day, it can really take the wind out of your sails.

But this experience has cemented how important it is to be kind because you don’t know what battles people are going through. If I could teach my children anything, it would be that. And I try to every day.

Despite all of this.. I’ve actually been incredibly busy. Working has been a great distraction, and I do have some wonderful products to show you and some exciting news to share over the coming months. I can not wait to spill the beans, finally. It’s been a long time coming, I’ll say that much.

In the meantime, I’d love for you to drop me a line (unless it’s to yell at me for swearing) by clicking the ‘contact us’ link

How are you going?
What would you love to see from Nurture Nest?
What would you personally like help with?

I’d love to hear from you!

I’ll leave you with some pics of my beautiful boy, Jackson, from over the years. After Christmas,  we’re heading to my favourite place in the world to spread his ashes. It was his favourite place, too.


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