I’m TOTALLY in love with the latest Fly Tai baby carriers from Fidella.  Some are much loved prints that have been revamped in a new colour, and others are new patterns altogether.  I can honestly hand on my heart say I love every single one of them!

Let’s start with a pattern that has stood the test of time as a best seller – ‘Iced Butterfly’.  It has been a true favourite in the ‘Pearl’ colour, but the latest is ‘Pearl Blue’ and it’s so beautiful.  It truly makes the intricate patterns stand out.

Fidella Fly Tai Iced Butterfly Pearl Blue



Next up, my personal favourite.  A brand new print and in a stunning colour to kick it off.  Fidella’s ‘Masala Scuba Blue’ is so beautiful

Fidella Fly Tai Masala Scuba Blue


Last but not least, the absolute newest print that everyone has gone crazy for on the Nurture Nest Facebook Page – Heart Rows Gradient Sky.  This is so pretty.  It’s such a neutral pattern and up close you can see tiny little hearts.  The colour is beautiful (you can probably tell by this post that I have a bit of a thing for the colour blue!)

Fidella Fly Tai Heart Rows Gradient Sky



I’ve ordered them in Baby Fly Tai (birth to 15kg) and Toddler Fly Tai (5 months to 30kg).  Fidella don’t seem to be creating the latest prints in the ‘New Size’ (3 months to 15kg), perhaps because with the introduction of the toddler size there was a lot of overlap between baby vs. toddler.

If you’re like me and can’t get enough of these beautiful prints, they also come in suck pads and babywearing bags

If you have any questions about the range please don’t hesitate to get in touch: Email our Certified Baby Carrier Consultant

I’ve also put hours and hours into the FAQ section of these, so you may be able to find an instant answer to your question there too.

Happy babywearing!





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