My name is Nikki. For over 10 years, I have been helping parents in a variety of settings to strengthen their relationships with their children and to enjoy parenting as much as possible. During my time working with hundreds of parents, I found many approached me with similar concerns:

– They were struggling to get their children down for naps

– They were finding it difficult to complete everyday tasks with a baby (dishes, washing, cleaning, vacuuming, cooking

– They were finding it difficult to get out and about with their baby to events they used to enjoy attending (or didn’t want to attend these events with a monitor up to their ear, or spending most of their time in a separate room to the event trying to rock their child to sleep in a pram)

– Many were finding that the days felt really long when their baby didn’t want to be put down and were being what people often referred to as ‘clingy’.

For my entire life, I always aspired to be one thing: a mum. I spent the years prior to my daughter’s birth not only helping other parents but researching baby products and thinking about the type of parent I aspired to be. This led me to the world of baby carriers (babywearing), cloth nappies, and a natural and gentle approach to parenting which aligned with my studies of Child Development and Psychology, and my personal beliefs about human needs.

When I had my first baby in 2010, it was then I was able to experience first hand the products I had spent many years researching.

I discovered that many of the challenges us parents faced could be helped with one product – a baby carrier!

Nurture Nest was born in early 2011 out of a dissatisfaction with the range of safe, comfortable, easy to use baby carriers available after my experience with purchasing my own. I soon realised I wasn’t the only parent who wanted to have the best baby carriers easily accessible, expert help and knowledge with fitting, safety information, and ongoing support and ideas of how I could get the best use out of our baby carrier and feel confident using it.

I’m very proud to have been the first to bring Tula Baby Carriers to Australia, along with other brands such as Lillebaby, Fidella, Pure Baby Love and more so thousands of Australians could have access to safe, comfortable baby carriers like what I was searching for all those years ago!

Over the past five years, Nurture Nest has grown from a cardboard box of stock in my spare room to what is now probably largest baby carrier store in Australia with the most diverse range of readily available stock with overnight delivery Australia wide (and international shipping options). Nurture Nest is still run from home by myself around my two children (yep, I also had another baby during that time)! but I now have a beautiful ‘babywearing room’ with all of my lovely stock on display and provide a wide selection of woven wraps, ring slings, mei tai’s and buckle carriers.

I was honoured to be one of 8 people in Australia who were invited to completed a course to become a Certified Baby Carrier Consultant through Ulrike Hower from Trageschule Dresden, the world’s most respected Babywearing School.

Parents who purchase a carrier through me feel confident they are receiving up-to-date safety advice, and can be taught to use their baby carriers in easy to follow steps.

Over the years, I have helped several thousand parents find a suitable baby carrier for their lifestyle. Every day I receive emails from happy parents who report they can now stop worrying about putting their child down for a nap and having them wake up the moment they leave the room – instead their child falls asleep easily snuggled up against them and they can still carry on with their day. No longer does a child’s biological need to feel close to them prevent parents from various tasks around the house such as cooking dinner, vacuuming or doing the dishes, as all of these things can be achieved with their child in a carrier. Many parents excitedly report that they were able to attend a wedding or engagement party without having to use a babysitter or try and settle their child away from a party with a pram and return to a party with a monitor up to their ear – instead they were able to wear their babies during the event and have them fast asleep on them so they were free to enjoy the party.

Nurture Nest isn’t just about selling baby carriers.

It’s about helping parents to be the best that they can be, whilst still experiencing the freedom to do things that can be a little more challenging when a baby comes along.

I help parents to experience the things they want to experience in the world with their child snuggled up safely and content against them. This makes for happy parents, and happy babies. What an amazing job I have!

If you need help choosing the perfect baby carrier for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I also suggest signing up to the Nurture Nest newsletter so you can receive ideas about how to get the most out of your baby carrier.

Keep everyone Calm…. and babywear.

Do more of what you love, with the people you love.

Nikki xox